Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dazzle Your Tree

Linda has a fun creative recipie challenge that you can cook up at her Catered Crop blog (Catered and I decided to submit a card I have used time and time again. This is my favorite "go-to" card that is always sure to get the recipient excited when they open it. My friend Alexa and I have made many of these cards and I am sure our ornaments are hanging on many trees across the country.

This particular ornament is removable from the card and the lucky recipient can then put it on their tree and use it year after year. The stamp is from Outlines and requires several stampings on different colored paper (in this case Bazzill paper - it has a nice weight). The next step is to cut the diffferent size images. Then you start to layer and adhere each piece with foam mounting. Now... to the labor-intensive part (ok, maybe all the cutting is a tad bit labor intensive also). Start gluing rhinestones to the ornament and trust me a good pair of tweezers comes in handy for this step. My philsophy is the more, the merrier when it comes to the rhinestones. Do not use regular white glue to adhere the rhinestones - for better results try Diamond Glaze or Glossy Accents from Ranger. Tie your dazzling ornament to a festive card with bakers twine. Trust me your friend or family member will have a dazzling new addition to their holiday tree this year.

So, where did my creative adventure take me today? ... I started to think about all the fun times that Alexa and I had making these ornmanents in every holiday color imaginable, "Ohhing" and "Ahhing" over each one as we drag our dear husbands over to do the same.

Stay warm harted -- Elizabeth


  1. I found that this is also a perfect card to send senior citizens that no longer put up a tree. They end up hanging it on a lamp switch or cabinet knob and it infuses their space with the holiday spirit, I'm told. A 'warm-harted' way to say, "Merry Christmas".

  2. I my goodness gracious. That's just stunning. I see some baker's twine in there - that works for the challenge for sure! That is just jaw-dropping gorgeous. Thank you so much for playing along at Catered Crop!